Meet Our Team

Victor Gao (Co-Founder)

Victor is currently studying engineering at UPenn. He has represented Canada at the 2021 IOAA. Having participated in many physics contests in the past, he was disappointed to see the lack of participation from high school students. As a result, he hopes the CPS can bring more opportunities for prospective physics students.

Harry Hu (Co-founder)

Harry is a Freshman studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He represented Canada at the 2022 IOAA in Kutaisi, Georgia. With CPS, he hopes to streamline physics education across Canada while also providing the necessary aid for aspiring students to start their physics journey and excel in contests. 

Melina Fatemi 

(Director Of Marketing )

Melina is a grade 10 student from Bayview Secondary School. Through the Canadian Physics Society, she hopes to engage more students across Canada in physics 

Pearl Zhang 

(Director of events)

Pearl is a grade 12 student studying in the IB program at Victoria Park CI. She hopes to empower girls in STEM and inspire them through the Canadian Physics Society.

Emily Ma 

(Head Tutor and Event Coordinator)

Emily is a grade 12 student at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. She hopes to inspire other students to enjoy and continue learning physics, and to teach others through the Canadian Physics Society.

Tian Pu

(Vice President)

Tian is a grade 12 student at Makville Secondary School. He was on the IOAA team for 2022 and 2023. With much self studying from math to physics, he hopes to share resources and oppurtunities.