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Welcome to the CPS

Founded in 2021, the Canadian Physics Society is an independent project that strives to promote the study of physics across Canada. From opportunities to resources, we've got you covered!


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CPS Physics Summer Camp 23' 

This summer, the Canadian Physics Society hosted a 6-week in-person and online physics summer camp for students across Canada who were interested in physics. Click here to learn more. 

Fund Your Physics Club

Check out our initiative to empower highschool STEM clubs all around Canada. The lack of club funding is a rampant problem in all public high schools and greatly hinders a club's ideas and events. 

Nobel Physics Webinar

Want to learn about physics research and how YOU can get involved? Check out our webinar featuring 2015 Nobel Physics Prize Winner Arthur McDonald, and exceptional young physicist, Tarnem Afify, to hear about their experiences and advice. You can access it here 

International competitions Guide

Want to know how to qualify for and excel at international physics competitions? Check out our new guide here or by clicking the link in the "Resources" dropdown menu.

Physics Olympiad Seminar

Thank you so much to everyone who signed up and attended our Path to Physics Panel. For those who missed the event, a recording and event recap can be found here. Look out for future events like this one!


At the Canadian Physics Society, we strive to expand the physics community in Canada. Whether you're a prospective student or a physics geek, we encourage you to join our community.


The CPS offers oppurtunities for students to develop their interest in physics and enrich their phsyics knowledge. Keep an eye out for contests, workshops, and more!


The CPS is the premier resource hub for aspiring young physicsts. We provide guides, seminars, and advice accessible to all students interested in learning physics.

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